The Worship Leader Toolbox Podcast, designed for worship leaders by worship leaders. The podcast is a mix of practical teaching, interviews and other tools for worship leaders.



WLT #43 – Tim, Clint and Drew talk about three practical things to help make your overall ministry more effective. 

WLT #42 – Tim and Clint talk about creating powerful moments in worship. 

WLT #41 – Tim and Clint talk about you team being in a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. 

WLT #40 – Tim and Clint talk about some simple steps to change the culture of your worship team. 

WLT #39 –Tim and Clint talk about ten practical ideas to help churches who are looking for a part-time worship leader. 

WLT #38 — Tim shares some reminders for his church worship team as we shift back to more in-person worship.

WLT #37 — Tim and Ava talk about the personalities of worship team members – gifts of introverts and extroverts playing out both on the stage and off. 

WLT # 36 — Members of Troy UMC Staff talk about some of the highlights of an unusual 2020 Christmas season, including outdoor Christmas Eve Candlelight. 

WLT #35 — Tim shares three gift ideas you can give to your team as we wind down the year. 

WLT #34 — Tim shares three things worship leaders SHOULD NOT do during the busy Christmas season. 

WLT #33 – Tim and Clint talk about thankfulness and the important role it plays in the life of a worship leader. 

WLT #32 — Tim shares practical tips for “online-only” seasons of worship. 

WLT #31 – Grant Norsworthy on developing a goal for your team, choosing the right keys, success vs significance and lots more! 

WLT #30 – Tim shares these five areas where worship leaders take on pastoral / shepherd roles. 

WLT #29 – Tim and Clint discuss the seven basics for leading worship in a local church. 

WLT #28 – Tim talks about worship creatives and side jobs.